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Yogi Jagjeet Singh Ji

Philosohpy, Pranayama & Meditation

Jaggi Ji born in the divine city of Haridwar in Uttarakhand, he is connected to yoga from his childhood. At an early age, he understands the power of yoga as most of the members of his family belongs to the field of yoga. He starts practicing it with complete dedication and hard work. He gained pure knowledge from the pious texts of Hinduism including the Bhagavad Gita. He became a good learner of yoga under the practice and training of his Grandfather, a veteran yogi. He completes his study in Sanskrit. Jagjeet Ji then takes his passion to a higher level and completed Masters in Yoga and Science from a University in Haridwar, "Gurukul Kangri University". He then moved to the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh and gained further knowledge of yoga. He was not yet satisfied with what he gains, so, he decided to travel in the Himalayas in the search of more knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality.


Yogi Vishu Ji

Meditation & Shatkarma

Vishwajeet Singh was born Haridwar and later moved to Rishikesh during his teenage. He belongs to Gayatri Parivar (a community formed by saints and spiritual guides) that involved him in many spiritual practices from his early childhood. He has attended several workshop and seminars in Yoga. He is also a visiting faculty to many schools and institutions from all over India. He has extensively studied Patanjali Yoga Sutras, explored the teaching of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, he also studied the work of modern teachers and philosophers like Ramana Maharshi and J Krishnamurti.


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