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Pranayama means control of vital energy with yogic powers. One can control his own breath with Siddhia and Sadhanas, and these are called Pranayama.
The daily 30 minute online class prepares you to teach in the most systematic way. In this course, we will dive deep into Pranayama.
So, you are already a yoga teacher and are teaching somewhere but wish to deepen your knowledge in Pranayama, then you are most welcome to join this course.
The 10 hour CE Yoga Pranayama course is a comprehensive course that has been designed to fill in the gaps in your education and take your knowledge to the next level.

Things to Remember:
  • The course is taught by an accredited YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Provider) So your educational investment will count.
  • You will have the option of either Monday - Friday with weekends off for self study, which will take 28 days, or weekend classes (completed in appx. 2.5 months).

Course Highlights

  • Daily class will be 1-hour or 30 minutes (depending on the course).
  • You have two option for class, either attend it Monday to Friday or Saturdays & Sundays.
  • After completing your CE course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
  • All of our courses will count toward your Educational hours with the Yoga Alliance. We have 200 TTC - 300 TTC - 20 hr CE - 10 hr CE
  • All of our Educators are Certified through the Yoga Alliance are E-RYT’S and YACEP’S
  • There are 3 time preferences which you can choose accordingly; these are US Standard Time, European Standard Time & Asian Standard Time
  • The course is online for now but later it will also be available in person.
  • The certificate of the works is an experience for you in CE yoga courses.

Course Dates

Schedule for 10 Hour Pranayama YACEP Course

Topic 1 Topic 2
Day 1 Introduction of Pranayama What is Prana and types of Pranayama
Day 2 Nadisodhana Pranayama Types of Nadisodhana
Day 3 Nadisodhana 1st & 2nd
Day 4 Kapalbhati Pranayama Types of Kapalbhati Pranayama
Day 5 Kapalbhati Pranayama 1st & 2nd
Day 6 Ujjayi Pranayama Types of Ujjayi Pranayama
Day 7 Ujjayi Pranayama 1st & 2nd
Day 8 Bhramari Pranayama Types of Bhramari Pranayama
Day 9 Bhramari Pranayama 1st & 2nd
Day 10 Bhastrika Pranayama Types of Bhastrika Pranayama
Day 11 Bhastrika Pranayama 1st & 2nd
Day 12 Sheetali Pranayama Types of Sheetali Pranayama
Day 13 Sheetali Pranayama 1st & 2nd
Day 14 Shitkari Pranayama Types of Shitkari Pranayama
Day 15 Shitkari Pranayama 1st & 2nd
Day 16 Suryabhedi Pranayama Types of Suryabhedi Pranayama
Day 17 Nadhisodhana Pranayama 3rd & 4th
Day 18 Kapalbhati Pranayama 3rd & 4th
Day 19 Ujjayi Pranayama 3rd Bhramaari Pranayama 3rd
Day 20 Sheetali Pranayama 3rd Shitkari Pranayama 3rd
Day 21 Bhastrika Pranayama 3rd & 4th How to make a Pranayama Class?
Day 22 Introduction of Bandha Types of Bandha
Day 23 How to make final technique of Pranayama All Pranayama practice
Day 24 All Pranayama practice

"Keeping in mind the Covid - 19 Situation; We are now only conducting online classes. Once Covid-19 is under control,We look forward to starting classes in person"

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