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Discover the Peace; Discover the City

Yoga is not a new concept, it is prevalent since ancient times. Yoga not only works to keep the body healthy but also satisfies, calms the mind and soul. Yoga is a philosophy that aligns oneself with the ultimate universe. It is an amalgam of several Asanas, Postures and Exercises. When it becomes one, then it keeps the body, soul and mind healthy.
Yoga in India has been a belief in good health for many centuries. It is not only an important part of our health but it is also embedded in our culture. In recent years, the reach of yoga has increased. While some people practice yoga at home, many people go to certain places to understand and practice yoga in the traditional way. One such yoga school where you can learn from the origin of yoga is Rishi Niketan, a traditional yoga school offering the true knowledge of yoga.
Rishi Niketan is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school that aims to offer the best to its students. Located in a serene and calm environment, close to nature; the school is something that takes you to the divine journey of yoga and power. It will show you the true life of a yogi and let you live that life for some days.

You will awaken a peace inside you in this journey which helps you in every moment of your life. It will help you in every decision, in every commitment and in every stage of life.

Passion meets Profession
Rishi Niketan thanks the Yoga Gurus of our school, who always work to provide you with the best.
All the yoga teachers of our school are highly qualified and dedicated to the divine practice, known as Yoga. You will definitely love to learn with them.
In teaching, knowledge is important but what is more important? The way of teaching, and the teachers at Rishi Niketan this very well.
With this, you will also cherish the friendly atmosphere formed by our respected yoga teachers.
With all this, we offer you to learn more about this yogic practice by simply exploring our registered yoga school in Rishikesh, Rishi Niketan.

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