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Food at Rishi Niketan

Right Diet along with Right Life is the most essential aspect in yoga...!!!

In the Hindu Vedas, it is said that food is Brahma i.e. God. If food is taken in a good mood, energetic, clean and peaceful place, then it is like nectar. To achieve quick success in yoga practice, it has been said that the food should be nutritious, aliphatic, things made from cow's milk, digestible and pleasing to the mind. These types of food are helpful elements in furthering the practice of yoga. Keeping all these aspects in mind, at Rishi Niketan; we offer Sattvic Food to our students. It is considered the most reliable food for yogis. It keeps you energetic and in a happy mood as well. Eating at the right time and at the right place is also important. So, we have a fixed schedule for food and at a neat and clean place..

What actually the correct yogic diet?

Three things should be kept in mind while following the path of a yogi, i.e., Ahimsa, Sattva and Prana.
  • Ahimsa: means non-harming or non-violence, so, while choosing the food items, keep in mind that it should not undergo any type of harm or violence.
  • Sattvic: means Pure, so, always apply it in food items, i.e., generally fresh vegetables, grains, pulses, mild spices, dairy products and so on. This type of diet is considered best for a yogi as per Ayurveda and Yogic point of view. It keeps the mind clear and soothes the digestive system.
  • Prana: means the life force, the food items are same as of Sattvic as Fruit and Veggies contain prana in the highest amount but that should be fresh, plucked from the plant
  • As a yogi, being vegan is the great and the right choice!
  • At Rishi Niketan, a registered yoga school in Rishikesh, we fulfil the demands of a yogic food and served you nutritious yogic food, herbal tea and warm water.
  • Don't worry about the diet at our yoga institute as you will definitely be satisfied with it.

Accommodation at Rishi Niketan


If you are visiting Rishi Niketan, then keep your worry aside regarding accommodation.
We understand the space and hygiene one needs at the place one's stay. So, we arrange clean and spacious rooms for our students with all amenities. Further, the location is the cherry on the cake.
The pious and peaceful location of Rishi Niketan boosts up your confidence and dedication to perform better every other day. You have options for a solo room and a shared room. You can choose any one of them as per your convenience.
We have the best for you in the serene and calm environment.

We, at Rishi Niketan, always try to make you comfortable and offer you like a home away from the home.
Now, drop the tension about being living in a nice atmosphere and having the right diet and come to our yoga centre in Rishikesh, "Rishi Niketan".

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