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Welcome to Rishi Niketan: Traditional Yoga School

Rishi Niketan is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school (RYS) that aims to offer the best to its students. Located in a serene and calm environment, close to nature; the school is something that takes you to the divine journey of yoga and power. It will show you the true life of a yogi and let you live that life for some days.
In recent years, the reach of yoga has increased. While some people practice yoga at home, many people go to certain places to understand and practice yoga in the traditional way. One such yoga school where you can learn from the origin of yoga is Rishi Niketan, a traditional yoga school offering the true knowledge of yoga. [Know more...]

Join Our Powerful Yoga Sessions at Rishi Niketan;
"You will awaken a peace inside you in this journey which helps you in every moment of your life.
It will help you in every decision, in every commitment and in every stage of life."


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100 Hours Yoga TTC

Start your passionate journey of yoga with the 100 Hours Yoga Course at Rishi Niketan. This course is designed for those who want to upgrade their yoga skills within some days or for those who have a passion for yoga but don't have experience. Just invest 14 days in this course and watch the transformation inside you.


200 Hours Yoga TTC

The Beginner level of yoga teacher training course which let you teach yoga anywhere in the world is 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. The best part of the course is that you don't need any prior knowledge to join this course as this is made for the Beginners to start their journey in the field of Yoga & Meditation.


300 Hours Yoga TTC

An intermediate level of yoga course to level up your learning is 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. It is designed to enhance your yoga knowledge and skills and let you delve deeper into the ocean of yoga knowledge. After this course, you will receive an affiliated certificate which let you teach in any school of the world.

lotus Short-term Courses (YACEP) at Rishi Niketan lotus


20 Hour Yoga Philosophy Master Course

The short courses at Rishi Niketan are available to let you understand the depth of the important topics of yoga and spirituality. This course is designed for those who are already a yoga teacher and wishes to deepen their knowledge in a particular niche.


20 Hour Yoga Anatomy Master Course

The Anatomy course of 20 hours is for those who want to understand the structure of the body and its functions. So, if you wish to start afresh your anatomical knowledge or want to improve your understanding regarding this, then join this course.


20 Hours Pranayama Master Course

This is 10 hours pranayama course.
An extensive course of 10 hour works in upgrading your understanding of breathing. Join our 10 Hours Pranayama course Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).


10 Hours Meditation Master Course

This is 10 hour meditation course.
An extensive course of 10 hours works in upgrading your understanding of meditation. Join our 10 Hour Meditation course Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

lotus Founder's Journey: Guru Jagjeet Singh Ji "Jaggi Ji" lotus


Jaggi Ji born in the divine city of Haridwar in Uttarakhand, he is connected to yoga from his childhood. At an early age, he understands the power of yoga as most of the members of his family belongs to the field of yoga. He starts practicing it with complete dedication and hard work. He gained pure knowledge from the pious texts of Hinduism including the Bhagavad Gita. He became a good learner of yoga under the practice and training of his Grandfather, a veteran yogi. He completes his study in Sanskrit. Jagjeet Ji then takes his passion to a higher level and completed Masters in Yoga and Science from a University in Haridwar, "Gurukul Kangri University". He then moved to the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh and gained further knowledge of yoga. He was not yet satisfied with what he gains, so, he decided to travel in the Himalayas in the search of more knowledge of yoga, meditation and spirituality.

lotus Food & Accommodation at Rishi Niketan lotus

Sattvic Food at Rishi Niketan:
In the Hindu Vedas, it is said that food is Brahma i.e. God. If food is taken in a good mood, energetic, clean and peaceful place, then it is like nectar. To achieve quick success in yoga practice, it has been said that the food should be nutritious, aliphatic, things made from cow's milk, digestible and pleasing to the mind. These types of food are helpful elements in furthering the practice of yoga. Keeping all these aspects in mind, at Rishi Niketan; we offer Sattvic Food to our students. It is considered the most reliable food for yogis. It keeps you energetic and in a happy mood as well. Eating at the right time & right place is also important. [Click to know more about "Food"]


Clean Accommodation at Rishi Niketan:
If you are visiting Rishi Niketan, then keep your worry aside regarding accommodation.
We understand the space and hygiene one needs at the place one's stay. So, we arrange clean and spacious rooms for our students with all amenities. Further, the location is the cherry on the cake.
The pious and peaceful location of Rishi Niketan boosts up your confidence and dedication to perform better every other day.
You have options for a solo room and a shared room. You can choose any one of them as per your convenience. We have the best for you in the serene and calm environment.
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